Office 365 Tricks and Treats

Oct 20
Office 365 Tricks and Treats

​Is your office so haunted by ghastly surprises that it seems like it's Halloween every day? Forget cloves of garlic and silver bullets, Office 365 can help you get rid of:

1.       Vampires sucking the blood out of your productivity

Do your presentations lack life and look pale? The trick with Office 365 is to use Apps for Office. Download these apps from the Office store apps, plug them into Office  and you quickly find maps, images, definitions, exchange rates and much, much more without leaving PowerPoint, Outlook or Word. Use Apps for Office to get the blood flowing again in your documents.


2.       Witches brewing your email and file servers


Don't let your servers melt down in server rooms or data centers that are not designed properly. The treat with Office 365 is that it resides in Microsoft data centers where server cooling -- including the innovative use of outside air -- is not an afterthought, but an integral part of the design.


3.       Goblins smashing up your documents


Do uninvited guests sabotage your shared documents? Do you have no way back to your original version? Do you have to start over? The trick with enterprise Office 365 is that it comes with SkyDrive so you can version control your documents and determine who can view and/or edit your documents.


4.       Headless Horseman chasing you through the hallways


Do your documents look like they've lost their heads when you try to view them on other online document viewers? The treat with Office 365 is that your documents retain their integrity when you open them with Office 365.


5.       Bats biting their way through your computers


What do you do if your PC or device goes dead while you're editing a document? The trick with Office 365 is that you can switch to a different device and continue working exactly from where you left off.


6.       Gargoyles providing no real office security


Is your data only protected by a façade of security? The treat with Office 365 is that it offers world-class Defence In Depth physical and virtual security at their data centers. With Office 365, anti-malware and anti-spam is built right in.


7.       Little devils taking down your internet connection


Cloud applications with no desktop versions leave you fuming mad when you have no internet connection. The trick with Office 365 is that you can work on your documents even when the internet is down. Once you have vanquished the demons and re-established your control of your connection, your documents will sync with the cloud and you can access them from other devices.


8.       Zombies sucking out the soul of your workers


How reliable are your cloud applications? What do your workers do when the applications go down? Stop having your workers walk around like zombies. The treat with Office 365 is that it guarantees 99.9% uptime and that guarantee is financially backed.


9.       Werewolves taking over the workplace


The sun never goes down with Office 365. The trick with Office 365 is that it comes with global 24/7 support, so your workers are never going to start howling at the moon when they can't get answers even when they're on their fifth cup of coffee in the middle of the night making last minutes changes to sales presentation the next day.


10.   Mummies in the IT Department

Is your IT staff so tightly bundled up by legislation and compliance issues that they can barely produce any business results. The treat with Office 365 is that compliance is easier because Microsoft is permanently attaining certifications and attestations such as ISO 27001 and SSAE 16 and keeping up with updates.​